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No Contracts! No Enrollment Fees! Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel Anytime.

Dispute any account on all 3 bureaus

✓ Late Payments 
✓ Collections

✓ Repossessions
✓ Judgments

✓ Charge offs
✓ Inquiries

✓ Foreclosures 
✓ bankruptcy

AI-Powered Disputes

Use AI to scan your credit report for mistakes and write custom dispute letters that you will print and mail off yourself. 

Credit Monitoring 

Obtain and import a full detailed 3 Bureau credit report without an inquiry! Track your progess, credit, your finances, and success all in one.

Easy Printing & Sending

Print out and send letters directly to credit bureaus and use our portal to track your success. 

Courses & Coaching

Gain access to exclusive weekly coaching sessions and advanced credit courses

How it works

Credit repair should be seamless, stress-free, and, dare we say, enjoyable. Credit Mojo streamlines every step, ensuring a smooth journey toward credit success.

Link Your Credit Report

Our advanced system automatically imports and scrutinizes your 3 bureau credit report, pinpointing negative accounts. Armed with precision, we craft an aggressive dispute strategy tailored for your credit success.

And here’s the game-changer – at Credit Mojo, we value your credit journey. Unlike others, we never put an inquiry on your credit report. Your credit repair experience just got smarter, smoother, and, dare we say, more magical.

Disputes That work

At Credit Mojo, our brilliant AI understands that each negative account demands a tailored dispute strategy. It knows the nuances – disputing a collection account isn’t the same as disputing a bankruptcy.

With Credit Mojo, you’re guided to create precisely the right dispute, ensuring a path to permanent deletion. Your journey to a better credit score just became more personalized and effective.

stay in the know with mojo

With Credit Mojo, tracking your credit repair progress is a breeze. Our system monitors all disputes across the three major credit bureaus. Every month, you’ll receive a detailed report highlighting the accounts successfully deleted and your updated credit scores.

Rest assured, Credit Mojo keeps you informed every step of the way, so you’re always in the loop about your credit repair journey and evolving credit score.

expert guidance and coaching

Curious about the quickest path to boost your credit score? At Credit Mojo, our team of credit experts delivers real answers. Dive into our video coaching course for step-by-step guidance on improving your credit. Questions? We’ve got the answers. Elevate your credit game with Credit Mojo.”

Certain Mistakes May Qualify You for Financial Compensation.
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    How do I cancel my account?

    While your AI tool is free software, you might be paying for a third-party credit monitoring subscription at that provides your credit report and scores to your AI account. Here’s how to close your paid subscription account.
    Sign in at with your credentials, select your account settings, and cancel your account.
    For assistance, please give us a call at (702) 903-7017 

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    Can Credit Mojo's AI tool remove late payments, inquiries, collections, etc.?

    Any account can be repaired or deleted from your credit report IF and only IF it’s not reporting accurately or cannot
    be verified by the data furnisher…that’s the law. When Credit Mojo DIY imports and scans your credit report, it finds
    all of your negative accounts, looks for twenty different kinds of errors, and then guides you through the simple steps to create disputes. You can dispute any account you want including late payments, inquiries, collections, bankruptcies, and more. It might take several rounds of dispute letters to determine if an account can be deleted so stay the course and let the software guide you through the process.

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    How does Credit mojo's AI credit repair tool work?

    CreditMojo is a DIY software platform that guides you through the entire credit repair process.
    It automatically imports and scans your three-bureau credit report, finds your negative accounts, looks for twenty
    different kinds of errors, then create your dispute letters.
    It performs the same function as a full-service credit repair company only you print and mail the dispute letters
    yourself. CreditMojo’s AI tool will automatically import and scan your new credit report every 40 days to provide the
    results and guide you through the next dispute letters until your credit repair has finished.
    (Your software name is free software, you only pay for a compatible three-bureau monitoring account.

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    Why are my scores different/inaccurate?

    A: Credit scores can be perplexing due to several factors inherent in the credit reporting process.

    1. Your credit report and scores are dynamic, and generated at the moment of request using information provided by your creditors. Since not all creditors update simultaneously, your credit report and scores may vary from day to day. For instance, if a credit card balance is paid off after obtaining a report, the subsequent update could alter your scores.
    2. In the United States, two primary scoring models, VantageScore and FICO, are employed. These models utilize distinct mathematical formulas, leading to variations in credit scores. Moreover, FICO encompasses various “industry-specific” scores for auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, and insurance, each calculated differently.

    Understanding these nuances helps interpret score differences accurately. If you have a 710 VantageScore and later observe a 680 FICO score, it doesn’t signify a drop; it reflects the diversity between two scoring models.

    For a more in-depth explanation, consider exploring our Tutorials section, featuring a video titled “Different Scores Everywhere.” Whether you choose to engage with Credit Mojo DIY or Dispute Desk credit coaching videos, it’s recommended to add an article or video addressing this subject for enhanced clarity.

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    Who sends the dispute letters with Credit Mojo DIY?

    A: With Credit Mojo DIY, the power is in your hands. As a DIY software platform, you have the autonomy to choose the accounts you want to dispute. Our platform, Credit Mojo DIY, generates the dispute letters for you. You can then easily print and mail them, taking an active role in the credit repair process.

    When engaging in credit repair independently, it’s crucial to keep two key considerations in mind:

    1. Disputes Must Be Sent by You: According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus and creditors can disregard letters sent by someone other than yourself. By sending disputes personally, you ensure the effectiveness of your credit repair efforts.
    2. Use Physical Letters for a Paper Trail: Physical letters are treated differently by credit bureaus and often yield greater success compared to online disputes. Maintaining a paper trail adds credibility to your dispute process.

    Taking charge of sending the letters is a key reason why individuals using Credit Mojo DIY experience comparable or even superior results compared to hiring a traditional credit repair company.

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